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Die Struck and enamel filled, this is the most popular type of Fiesta Medal. These medals can be any shape and size.



Similar to Traditional Medals, but thicker, heavier and more options like spinners, sliders and dangles. These medals can be any shape and size.



A thin lightweight medal that is less expensive then Traditional medals. This type of medal is “printed” rather than enamel filled and is perfect for replicating complex art with shadings and gradients. These medals can be any shape and size.



These are stock medals that can be customized with a full color printed insert . Great for rush orders.

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Fiesta Medals Direct was founded in 2016 in San Antonio, Texas by Kevin McLaughlin. Kevin has over 15 years of experience designing and manufacturing custom medals, pins, coins, etc.

Our attention to detail, commitment to quality and innovative designs makes Fiesta Medals Direct your best choice for custom medals.

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Our team of dedicated designers research the newest technologies and trends to bring you innovative designs that consistently win awards and are among the most sought after medals year after year.

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Every fiesta medal now comes with an AR upgrade FREE. Fiesta Medals Direct is the first to create an Augmented Reality App that works on your fiesta medals to take them to a whole new level. Use the app to scan your medal to unlock special effects and animations, links to websites, special promotions, games and prizes. When you order your medals with us you automatically get this upgrade for free. Check out Fiesta AR to learn more or better yet. Call us now and order yours.


Create your own custom design with premium features that allow you to link directly to your website, email or phone numbers.


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Over 15 years of experience in crafting unique medals and a passion for fiesta flair set us apart from our "competition?"


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Our team of designers meticulously craft every line, color and detail of your medal to ensure your design will be stunning.


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We've developed a specialized workflow pipeline that allows us to quickly turn orders around and allows us to pass savings on to you.


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Our medals are color matched to PMS standards and hand inspected before delivery to ensure you're getting what you expect if not better.

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